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post-America 2041 — bright green represents the heavy fallout zone.

NOTE 1: The following is an excerpt from the Appendices to Bringing Ragnarok: Book One. Also posted on

NOTE 2: “Threads” are a term for alternate timelines in the multiverse that the old Norse called Midgard. Time travel is a physical impossibility, but travel across timelines (which are, ultimately, simply chains of cause and effect) is possible for gods — who are beings from other Worlds, other realities not bound by the same physical laws (and indeed, where our own fundamental physical laws originate).

From the perspective of a person in Midgard, the future seems a constantly-shifting, wholly unpredictable…

If you are a potential graduate student looking at your options for the coming academic year, I have one piece of vital advice you ignore at your peril:

Avoid Oregon State University, also known as OSU or — in my upcoming screenplay — Beaver State.

This essay details my observations and experiences after spending more than six years in graduate programs at OSU, during which time I was a very successful student — right up until the moment I wasn’t. …

The truth about American democracy is that it has been utterly colonized by the two major parties.

Most Americans hate their options — nearly 2/3 in recent polling, the highest levels in decades — but don’t have any because the Democrats, Republicans, and their allied media have systematically gamed and rigged the system. This has gone on for so long that the conventional wisdom in elite circles holds that a third party is impossible in American politics.

It isn’t true. Sure, it will take hundreds of million of dollars to make a third party happen — but grassroots fundraising in…

The question is how far the disintegration will go.

The United States was always fragile. And now that once again two entirely distinct, opposed, and geographically connected societies have emerged each defined by its own set of shared Truths, unity cannot be preserved.

The majority of Americans now agree, whatever their political preferences, that the United States of America is systematically rigged in favor of the wealthy and well-connected.

And it is.

The United States is now totally dominated by a predatory wealth extraction machine centered on Washington D.C. …

Covid-19 killed the United States of America.

This truth is simple, stark, and has grave implications for the entire world over the coming decade.

But it is a truth that will never be admitted in the biased mainstream American media. The scam that passes for democracy in the United States is too profitable for too many powerful people to abandon without a fight.

And so they are set to doom us all to a truly wicked five to ten years.

Taking a step back — who the hell am I, you are probably wondering, and what could I know that…

It’s actually pretty simple: Add another Red State.

The question, of course, is where.

The answer lies in fixing mistakes made when the borders of the Pacific States — California, Oregon, Washington — were drawn in the wayback.

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ArcGIS Online screencap

The United States of America is simply not that good at the whole war thing.

No, really, it isn’t. America is a country built on marketing slogans that everybody pretends are real until they’re proven wrong — then we all shrug and move onto the next like we’re living in a sitcom.

And the real military record, setting aside the yay-go-team chest-thumping that gets pumped across the air waves, ain’t great:

War of Independence — win*
*after substantial French assistance

War of 1812 — draw, White House and Capitol burned by British

Indian Wars — win* *opponents remnants of populations…

This is the real Cascadia:

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The Democratic Federation of Cascadia, made in ArcGis Online

And I need help building it.

The Long Version is here for the wonky types like myself.

This is the short version.

Having spent way too much of my life in higher education, I have a painful tendency to write dense, heavy stuff.

Which I am 100% aware the vast majority of people have no time or interest in wading through.

So here I’ll set aside my natural tendency towards imposter syndrome and simply state my case for building the Democratic Federation of Cascadia.

Here goes!

The time has come for Cascadia to become a…

I am Cascadian.

But I don’t believe in Bioregionalism.

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The Cascadia “Bioregion”

This is the real Cascadia:

Cascadia Needs a Real Government

The Covid-19 pandemic has proven an awful truth: governments across the United States and Canada have utterly failed at their single most important job — protecting their people.

In less than a year, more than 400,000 Americans and 18,000 Canadians have lost their lives to a virus that numerous less developed countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Nicaragua, and Estonia have proven dramatically more competent at controlling. This already horrible death toll is set to steadily increase until the summer of 2021, when the wide availability of vaccines is expected to finally end this cruel pandemic.

Across British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon…

Andrew Tanner

Author of Bringing Ragnarok. Independent Research Consultant.

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