Yeah, it's pretty bad out there.

My gut feeling is that all the talk of "saving democracy" is just PR. There aren't any leaders willing to be honest about what's happening and come up with alternative ways to deal with it. We're trapped in a historical process that is going to play out as it must for at least the next 10 years.

I do think that if the GOP steals the next election through shenanigans the country is likely to break apart. On the West Coast there's simply no reason to be saddled with the Red States, and I don't think Red America has the will to force the Pacific and Northeast states to stay in the same country.

After all, take the West Coast out of the US, and the GOP comes close to winning the popular vote.

The model for the USA is the USSR, I suspect. Possibly Yugoslavia, with the Midwest and Southeast seeing the most violence, mostly at the community level.


Rogue systems analyst, bestselling author. Pro-science anti-authority rural cat fanatic, pronoun agnostic, married. West Coast = only coast :)

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