Why Progressives Must Abandon the Democratic Party

As it stands, the Progressive movement is little more than a subservient wing of the Democratic Party.

A tool of wealthy and well-connected power players used to prevent any meaningful progress.

Progressives like Bernie Sanders and his natural successor, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, serve a specific role in the Democratic Party’s coalition. They offer voters who identify with mass movements like Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street a figment of hope that their voices will be heard by those in positions of influence and power.

What they don’t do is achieve anything truly lasting. Despite all the possibilities unlocked by the Digital Age so little of the progress most Americans want to see — universal healthcare, social justice and true equality, quality jobs, sensible gun laws — never arrives.

Right now President Biden and other Democratic leaders are touring the country to tout their marginal success in passing a Covid-19 relief bill that is less generous than the one passed in 2020 under Biden’s predecessor. They’re doing this big PR effort precisely because they recognize exactly how precarious of a position the United States is in and are desperate to shore up the national image.

The Capitol riot scared the powers-that-be in D.C. Badly.

Unless you’ve actively studied politics and systems under academic auspices for many years, the smokescreen being thrown up by most of the American media right now is doing a decent job of hiding a terrifying truth: that people in this country are so desperate and hopeless that millions are willing to cling to delusional conspiracies all the way to the kind of violence that collapses Empires and ends in civil wars. For the first time in recent memory, America’s political elite feared for their own lives.

And they’re still terrified.

The United States in the early 2020s resembles the U.S.S.R of the late 1980s — and that’s a comparison you’ll rarely see made in the national media because no one wants to admit that the game is almost over. Things have gone so far that the crazies are getting out of control and anti-establishment feelings have become strong enough that the center cannot hold for much longer.

Between the Covid-19 catastrophe — far worse in the United States than almost anywhere else — and the disastrous 2020 Election that went almost exactly as I had predicted it would — people around the world now perceive the United States to be on its last legs. Stan Grant, International Affairs analyst for Australia Broadcast Corporation (ABC News for the Aussies), has written a number of insightful articles recently laying out how differently the United States is now perceived abroad.

The consequences of this collapse of image are already being felt. Barking at China and Russia like Biden is doing to try and look tough only reveals his own weakness. The USA is falling apart, and they know it.

Biden’s entire administration is a giant marketing campaign. An attempt to kick any number of cans down the road in hopes that 4 years from now either the Republican party has collapsed or demographic change coupled to fear of the angry white minority has made the Democrats the only national party — a deeply un-democratic development that will end badly.

The right wing movement in the United States is on the rise, able to organize around a set of simple cultural values and ideas that are completely irrational and misguided, but perhaps all the more potent for that. Biden barely won the election, and if it were not for the expansion of voting rights that occurred as states allowed widespread absentee ballots he would have lost.

In 2022 and 2024, that advantage will be gone — in critical states Biden won in 2020 the Republicans are making it dramatically harder to vote. Worse, the state-level results of the election and total control of the courts has served to entrench Republican power for a generation across a vast swath of America. Democrats will do much worse in the future, which is precisely why the Republican Party remains united — and under Trump’s control.

Biden became the Democratic nominee because the Democratic Party believed it had to run a moderate centrist to win in 2020. But at the same time, their Trump-focused campaign had the side effect of solidifying Republican support for his style of racist, sexist, boorish politics forever. Worse, he received the support of more Black and Latino voters than any Republican in history — in effect, the Democratic Party in 2020 surrendered persuadable non-white voters in order to pull in more wealthy white moderates.

Because that has become all party operatives on either side care about. Money.

The contradictions within the Democratic Party are too powerful for it to be successful going forward. Decisions made by powerful Democrats back in the Clinton era put it on a trajectory that abandoned its traditional base. Fear of another Trump term and outrage over the bungled Covid-19 response barely put Biden in office.

And the next four years are going to get rough, thanks to the fact that the culture wars define both parties now.

Progressives and anyone with Progressive leanings must understand: The Democratic Party will never allow AoC supporters to get very far. Any attempt at meaningful progressive reform will be met with a chorus of “it isn’t time” or worse — what’s happening right now — the Democrats will simply say their policies are progressive, and accuse anyone who disagrees of support the other side.

The simple fact of the matter is that Progressives will never matter until they separate from the Democratic party entirely.

“But the Republicans will win every election!” Democratic Party operatives and fellow-travelers will wail.

But that’s a lie. A pre-emptive attempt to shift blame off themselves for failing to appeal to voters.

Most states with the United States are now completely controlled by the Democratic or Republican parties. In Red states, Progressives have no chance of winning. But in Blue states, Conservatives have no chance of winning — and there lies the most important opportunity in American politics right now.

An innovative, data-driven approach can identify exactly what House and Senate seats a Progressive challenger could hope to take without throwing the election to the Republicans. The by-product of gerrymandering is that Democratic or Republican majority districts mean that it is easier for upstart wings of either party to safely challenge incumbents. Republicans and Democrats lack the credibility with voters on the other side of the aisle to reach across.

Yet at the same time, a third party challenger actually stands a chance of winning over some people who are — like a growing number of Americans — sick of having only two options and willing to vote for any challenger. This was the lesson of 2016, for anyone willing to set aside bias and pay attention to the details.

Only when there exists a Progressive Party capable of uniting a better vision for the future with an anti-establishment message will there be real change in the United States of America.

The two-party system is toxic. It is destroying America and setting back Democracies across the world. Nothing can be achieved but the destruction of the USA by participating in it.

So to AoC, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and the other amazing members of The Squad, here’s some advice.

Abandon the Democratic Party. Do it this year, or early 2022 at the latest.

Americans will always root for an underdog. And they will also respect someone who takes a stand on principle — especially when doing so poses a threat the person’s career.

If Progressives aren’t just willing tools of a Democratic Party establishment that is driving itself and the nation to ruin, it’s time.

Time to fight.

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