What so utterly pisses me off about these jackholes is that they've colonized and debased everything about rural culture.

The irony is the most aggressively truck-driving macho morons out there are suburbanites cosplaying as tough rural dudes. Almost none of them grew up constantly in the outdoors like I did, most couldn't survive an hour walking in the mountains or kill and prepare their own meal.

That's why they front like they're these macho pioneers but don't move to Palmer, Alaska or even Alturas, California.

Real rural people don't like being told what to do - yet we also know when to apply common sense and do things like dress for the weather, natural or Covid. We aren't afraid of guns - they're useful tools - but we don't make a fetish out of them either. And we're often way more environmentalist than the affluent suburbanites who want the natural world to exist only so they can drive out and feel one with nature and leave some behind as roadkill.

I often fantasize about using anti-tank missiles on jacked up trucks. I know how, and I only need that giant, lawless desert to exist to have the space to amass an arsenal and teach these AR-15 toting posers what real self-defense looks like in the world they say they want.

My warlord state will be Covid-free, too. Vaxx and mask required for all (except obviously people with medical issues).


Rogue systems analyst, bestselling author. Pro-science anti-authority rural cat fanatic, pronoun agnostic, married. West Coast = only coast :)

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