Truth. America's politicians gave up the moment they all realized the pandemic could be profitably politicized.

UK's too.

What's particularly fucked is that there are countries all over the world, like Denmark and Norway, that have done better against Covid than the best Blue state in the US. The worst Canadian province is on the level of the best-performing US states.

Oregon's ICUs have been full for over a month, our case loads and deaths are way past the peak last fall, and our governor has disappeared. Media doesn't pay attention, because it throws off the whole "unvaccinated Red States are the problem" narrative.

20% - 25% of our cases are breakthroughs among the vaccinated. Nobody wants to talk about how seniors, even vaccinated ones, are still at extreme risk because Delta is so quick and brutal.

America's politicians surrendered us to Covid but keep pointing fingers at other people to evade responsibility. And people wonder why the only people left who back the Democrats are hardcore Democrats. Independents are out. It's all fucked.

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