Totally agreed!

My main concern as someone who has studied and trained to engage in violence, is that violence tends to escalate and harm the people least able to deal with it. That creates a big population of people who will pay any price to make the immediate threat go away, which fascists offer, continuing the cycle.

Violence is a tool, but using it incurs new costs. I think a few billionaire assassinations would be a good thing for the world, reminding the wealthy that they do in fact have obligations to share it with the rest of us. They can't take it with them when they die, after all.

I say reject the violent/non-violent binary and focus on whatever redresses historic imbalances. If a colonized people rebels and establishes their own polity, they can't be condemned.

Just pick targets with care. Collateral damage ruins movements. Note how Hamas shot a lot of rockets, with only a few getting through, inflicting relatively few casualties - and pretty much won?

Something to that.

Author, rogue systems analyst. True Neutral autistic pro-science anti-authoritarian rural cat fanatic, he/him/they, married. West Coast = Only Coast :)

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