The Real Reason For Oregon’s Covid-19 “Success”

[Edit 4/6/2021]

Exponential Increase Resumes

As of early April, the spread of mutant Covid-19 variants in Oregon has clearly begun to beat out what spread mitigation measures remain.

The Biden surge has begun, aided and abetted by Oregon’s negligent leadership in Governor Kate Brown and Patrick Allen’s Oregon Health Authority.

And too, a national media that is “doing its part” in the great reboot by soft-playing the utter shambles that is American government at all levels.

Across Europe and Canada restrictions are being reimposed as hospitals are once again overrun. The variants now in play spread twice as effectively and kill 50% more often. Younger people are being affected in numbers previously unseen.

Vaccinations are fast rolling out, but nowhere fast enough to beat this surge. Nationwide restrictions needed to be imposed long ago to completely crush virus transmission while the economy is being propped up by massive federal spending.

30% of Oregonians are vaccinated, including around 70% of seniors — but this only means that death tolls for this surge shouldn’t quite as catastrophic as the (also largely preventable) wave this winter. Younger cohorts are filling hospitals in Toronto and Warsaw, with Vancouver quickly following suit.

Kate Brown’s administration has wilfully ignored evidence from across the world showing that children do catch and transmit Covid-19. They simply tend not to get as sick as adults, probably because their immune systems are generally stronger. But they will pass it to their parents, who will transmit it to relatives, and on and on… until the virus claims another victim.

A Stay at Home order maintained through the end of May — when vaccination rates should hit 60%, which combined with prior infections means herd immunity is near — will save hundreds of lives.

Failure to order one now is an explicit surrender to the virus and a willing sacrifice of people who would otherwise have lived long productive lives.

And every single politician, elected official, and career bureaucrat presently employed must be held accountable when this is all over.

Never forget.


Today an article appeared in Oregon Public Broadcasting declaring Oregon’s Covid-19 response to be a “success.”

Naturally, Oregon’s politicians are posturing to pretend they were responsible for the (relatively) low death rate.

This is bullshit.

Oregon has lower Covid-19 case and death rates than most of the United States for the same reason Vermont, Alaska, and Utah are also leading the league tables:

Population density.

America’s political leaders have been lying about the effectiveness of the national Covid-19 response and will continue to do so unless challenged on every front.

First off, Oregon’s “success” has been atrocious compared to numerous other countries.

Oregon is a state of about 4.2 million people. Vietnam — a poorer, less developed nation with a densely packed population of 97 million, has seen 35 deaths… total.

Oregon is a disaster — just a little less of a disaster than most other states in the U.S.A.

Governor Kate Brown, Oregon Health Authority Director Paul Allen, and all the rest of the Oregon Covid-19 response team are lying about their supposed success. Straight up — it’s a lie.

2,200 dead is not a success by any stretch of the imagination. This state’s leaders went back on all their promises in 2020 to “follow the science.”

When the half-assed “lockdown” (stay at home advisory) put in place in 2020 was lifted back in May (WAY too early) only a couple hundred Oregonians had died.

Since then, thanks to a steady escalation in caseloads, Oregon has lost another 2,000 people. Grandparents, parents, even children — Oregon’s leaders abandoned Oregonians.

This is Kate Brown and Paul Allen’s failure — the only way to spin this as a success is to look only at other American states, and not at the numerous examples around the world of better responses.

British Columbia has a larger population than Oregon (5.2 million to 4.2 million) and has lost over 1,400 people.

If you have paid any attention to the Canadian press over the past year, Canada’s public health officials — particularly Bonnie Henry — have been light years better than Oregon’s.

But do you hear about that? Nope — instead, the media across the United States is selling a deliberate, pernicious lie as part of the general cheerleading effort underway to reopen a country where non-white people are still being slaughtered by this contagion.

Oregon, like other white-majority states, has leaders who are well aware of the disproportionate impact Covid-19 has on non-white populations. Yet they have consistently rushed to reopen to “save the economy” which has guaranteed that Latino and Black people — who are disproportionately employed in essential industries — die at higher rates than White Oregonians.

Oregon’s Covid-19 response has been a catastrophic failure, with officials lying to the public about how seriously they planned to take the pandemic from day 1.

Kate Brown must be held accountable. Paul Allen must be held accountable. Every Oregon leader who is spinning their abject failures as evidence of their competence should be put on trial.

The hard, bitter truth is that the American people were sacrificed on the altar of the economy because our political leaders view us as expendable. As someone who has studied public policy intensely and published on the topic, I can attest that cost-benefit analysis that puts a price on individual lives is widely used to internally justify cruel political calculations.

Never forget, Oregonians: Oregon state government abandoned us and left thousands to die.

Now, they’re trying to re-write history, aided by a news ecosystem that is completely owned by business lobbyists in this pathetic state.

Oregon failed the Covid-19 test. Those responsible must pay a price.

Author of Bringing Ragnarok. Independent Research Consultant.

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