The governments we have around the world were never designed to be responsive to the demands of their citizens.

Most were born from powerful European nation-states' need to control their people. A means to an end for the wealthy and well-connected.

We live in the broken world they created. To have any hope of making positive chance, we must bring Ragnarok to their doomed creation.

A global democratic Earth government is the only hope for the future.

A government committed to guaranteeing every person's rights to home, health, livelihood, security, and association.

No matter who they are, no matter where they live.

Competing governments like the ones we've got, whether they call themselves democratic or not, will always avoid paying the costs of fixing the climate.

It is in their DNA to avoid taking responsibility for anything.

Individual actions and organizing are noble. But to fix this burning planet, we need alternative solutions from the very top.

Imagine if the $2 Trillion spent annually across the globe on "defense" (including, in the United States, nuclear weapons capable of ending global society) were applied to protecting people from climate impacts and pulling CO2 from the atmosphere.

The only thing that keeps us from a better future is the fact power remains in the hands of people who are determined to abuse it.

Author of Bringing Ragnarok and Bivrost Nine. Rogue Analyst, Cat Devotee. Autistic True Neutral Pro-Science Anti-Authoritarian Rural Pacific American. He/Him.