The Democrats are devoted to lying to people of color. They need Black and Brown voters to exist in a state of permanent dependency, never given true equality but strung along by the Carville-style racist Dem elite.

America isn't a democracy, and won't be until it has a healthy multi-party system.

The young have to shut the country down if they want any meaningful change. There is no hope in demonstrations and voting Democrat. All they've got is moral appeals that don't work because American morality is all about power and wealth.

Participation in the perverted American political system is what sustains it. The nightmare is self-sustaining, it's all about money and branding. Wal-Mart against Target for eternity.

Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, and the rest of the craven Boomer Democrats are liars and cowards. At least you know what the Republicans stand for - American national socialism - but the Dems?

They make the old Weimar SDP look competent.

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