Thanks for this! It is scary close to my own short experience on the platform, and your evaluation of Substack is exactly why I checked it out but swiftly abandoned it.

It has turned out to be a place where I see writers I used to really appreciate (Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald) try to cater to the alt-right audience under the guise of being indepenent.

Then I post random essays on Medium that aren't hunting for partisan attention, get a few curated and have one go semi-viral, and suddenly I'm getting bonuses. A very validating experience.

Completely agree the recommendation engine needs help. All social media desperately needs some kind of quality metric independent of engagement that boosts well done posts.


Rogue systems analyst, bestselling author. Pro-science anti-authority rural cat fanatic, pronoun agnostic, married. West Coast = only coast :)

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