Thank goodness the USA is breaking up I guess.

Well, at least for the 60% of us in a state not dominated by crazies. Minus half of the local governments.

For the rest all I'm gonna be able to offer will be a coordinated internatiol boycott-divest-sanction movement that cuts the psychotic states of America off from the global economy until reforms are implemented.

Only way Reconstruction will get done right. And the consquences will be awful. But I don't see any other way this ends. The federal government has been almost entirely captured. Got about a year left until the Presidency is all that remains in Dem hands, GOPers in Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin or Michigan or Pennsylvania overruling their own voters to assign electors to the orange idiot.

There are almost zero plausible good trajectories out of this mess left. All any of us can do is secure what we can, hang on, and prepare a joint counterattack.

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