Resign, Joe Biden

America needs a leader, and this poor tired schlub just ain’t gonna cut it — his inept administration is guaranteeing the return of Trump.

U.S. President Joe Biden at COP26. Not a great look for the “leader of the free world” when the planet is on fire

Unless your head is so deep up your partisan behind you can’t see reason — an affliction presently tormenting the majority of Democrats and Republicans — you should want Biden gone asap too.

Let’s be real for a second, shall we?

Joe Biden was barely elected after not having to endure the usual Democratic primary process because of the pandemic. Back in March of 2020, when anyone with half a brain knew the pandemic was going to punch the Trump Administration in the testicles, the Democratic primary was a hot mess with no clear leader.

So the Democratic Party elite did what they always do when the people don’t do the right thing, in their view. They convinced every candidate not Bernie Sanders to drop out to make sure he had no chance of winning.

Now, I don’t think Sanders was a very good candidate either — he’s a millionaire “socialist” who serves as a figurehead for the dying Jacobin left. But the Democratic Party establishment’s fear of him put Biden in the driver’s seat.

And the arch-Clintonite, 40-year veteran of a D.C. system most Americans rightly perceive as corrupt and basically anti-democratic, still managed to damn near lose it all. Had Republican elected officials not refused Trump’s demand to install him for a second term using pseudo-legal tactics, American democracy would have fallen.

The Democratic Party can only win when Trump is specifically on the ballot — the party’s performance in and after the 2020 elections has been criminally dismal. The party’s strategic leaders don’t understand the public, they refuse to consider alternative theories of the electorate and public mobilization in the internet age, and they continue to push geriatric politicians on a public that is tired of hearing the same old bullshit.

Biden can offer nothing but platitudes — he’s too arrogant, too focused on his legacy to recognize that he’s already destroyed his own administration. Americans would have forgiven an arch-centrist for governing as one, but pretending he was FDR reborn, promising public programs he never stood a chance of getting through an evenly-divided senate, destroyed his credibility with the Independent voters he relied on in 2020.

Biden’s future is bleak, even if he and his Clintonite hack advisers refuse to admit it. Polls in the past went up and down — not so much anymore. America is too broken, people are too embedded in their team narrative, for Biden to recover the trust he lost this summer thanks to his inept handling of Afghanistan and the Delta Surge and Build Back Better.

Once trust is lost, it is incredibly difficult to regain. The course of the next three years — barring a major war, which Biden could well stumble into with Russia or China and lose (The American military is nowhere near as powerful as its leaders bluff) — is exceedingly grim for America.

The Covid-19 pandemic simply unleashed too many shocks for the economy or society to feel normal again for at least 2–3 years. In that time the Democrats are almost certain to lose the House, and probably the Senate. The Party won’t listen to outside voices or adapt as it needs to, and history is not on the side of the party in power in D.C. when Americans feel like things aren’t going well.

And if they didn’t get obviously better from November 2020 to November 2021, they’re not going to be improved enough by November 2022 to save Biden from calamity.

Remember, three quarters of Republicans falsely believe Biden isn’t the legitimate President. Their anger is staying firm, while Democrats, facing the difficulty of governing a broken country, are even more divided than usual.

The shock Republican win in the Virginia governor’s race further confirms the theory I developed during the Trump years — the New Right is ascendant, gaining followers the more desperate people become. The Democrats are fast becoming the party of the affluent and educated, not the endangered poor or people of color. This is a deadly alignment that is driving America to collapse.

Passing what remains of Biden’s Build Back Better program will help some folks — but not enough. Affluent Americans are too easily scared into opposing social welfare programs by the threat of having to pay for them. The pork-filled nightmare that eventually passes won’t satisfy enough people, no matter how hard the Democrats try to sell it.

And trying to remind everyone they’re not the party of Trump isn’t going to work. It totally failed in Virginia, a state Biden won in 2020 by 10 points.

Joe Biden isn’t flexible enough, empathetic enough, or competent enough to be the President of the United States of America right now. He is the second-worst outcome of the 2020 Election, after a Trump victory.

It is fair to say that his one job was getting Trump out of office. It is absolutely insane to have a President who is years past his generation’s average life expectancy whose reluctance to speak to the media for fear of making another dumb gaffe is actively undermining his ability to lead.

The simple hard truth Democrats need to accept is that Joe Biden will not be able to run for re-election. When the Republicans win the House and likely the Senate in 2022, his second two years will be nothing but an endless procession of partisan investigations designed to ensure he can’t run again.

Americans will be trapped in a horrible two-year Presidential campaign slash Trump revenge tour. For all of 2023 and 2024 the 2020 Election will be relived day in and out. And hovering over it all will be the very real specter of Republican state legislatures installing Trump as President after false fraud allegations.

The Democratic Party is facing an oblivion of it’s own making because its ancient leaders can’t accept the world has changed. The old rules don’t apply, the traditional techniques for avoiding responsibility when things go wrong aren’t working anymore.

There is now only one way to change America’s awful trajectory — an act of leadership so unexpected and selfless it upends the entire narrative around the Biden Administration:

Joe Biden must resign, and Kamala Harris must become the 47th President of the United States in 2022.

A norm must be established where Americans expect politicians to retire by their mid-70s. The most important truth Joe Biden could offer Americans is that the job is too much for a senior citizen, no matter how loathe to admit this fact the Boomer generation might be.

You can’t defy the natural patterns of life and ageing forever, no matter how well-connected you are. Joe Biden’s Presidency, coming after a generation of Democrats mocking Ronald Reagan for being senile, is an insult to the majority of Americans under the age of 65.

It’s also a cruel insult to the Boomers like my parents who lacked access to the kind of healthcare Joe Biden has had through his life. They might be able to work into their late 70’s too if they had a shred of the privilege Joe Biden claims.

Kamala Harris is far from a perfect politician and would face a steep learning curve. But she would get the same initial honeymoon period as Biden did with the media, offering the Democrats a chance to actually accomplish something in 2022 that might alter the Midterm elections.

In normal, functioning democracies, a party leader who fails and loses the public trust is forced to resign, allowing a new team to take over and right the ship. This reshuffle sends a powerful democratic signal that tells people their concerns are justified and the party is willing to respond — this builds trust.

If Joe Biden is still President in 2024, he won’t be able to run for reelection. Repeating the 2020 Presidential Election with another Biden-Trump matchup will lead to a second Trump term. Having him as President while the Democrats go through another primary will guarantee that whomever is nominated is seen as a Biden pick.

In the anti-establishment environment that is almost certain to exist in 2024, this will be a disaster. Trump cannot be allowed back into the White House, and Biden is now what Clinton was in 2016.

Since Trump won the 2016 Republican primaries, I’ve been right about almost everything he’s done — and what he hasn’t.

Trump is one of the most predictable politicians in American history — that Democrats keep getting surprised by his strength shows how badly they understand the American electorate. He is a creature of the system as much as he rails against it, his appeal with his supporters dependent on his promise to make it work for them.

It’s American national socialism that he preaches, little different than the German version from the 1930s. That doesn’t mean he won’t win.

America’s last hope lies in escaping the ideological and rhetorical traps of the past thirty years. The Boomer generation has had its turn at leadership, and all it has brought is a perpetual fight over what the 1960s meant.

Joe Biden has to resign for the good of America. He has to show the integrity that Trump never could, accepting that he has failed to unify America.

Biden’s legacy as a transformative President is best secured now by being the guy who unseated Trump and opened the door to change. Kamala Harris should have been the Democrats’ nominee, only fear of racism led to her being pushed behind incompetent Joe — a gambit that nearly failed, and will for sure in 2024.

This is the only thing that can change the media narrative around the administration and give Democrats a chance to reset ahead of the 2022 Midterms. Harris deserves a chance to lead — if she fails, the Democrats are no worse off than they would be if she, as has to be expected, becomes the party’s standard-bearer in 2024.

As President, if Harris is successful at the job, she will be able to credibly tell the public she plans to run for re-election. She will have three years to prove her mettle and might even be popular enough to avoid a difficult primary.

Most importantly, her ascension would shake things up. America’s collapse is proceeding pretty much as I predicted five years ago, and there are few pivot points left before the escalation of America’s civil strife takes on a life of its own.

In the past week, I’ve had the interesting experience of spending with with people on the Red and Blue side of the divide. And what should terrify everyone is the vehement hatred rising between both sides.

Red and Blue Americans now speak of each other in exactly the same way — as enemies determined to destroy their way of life. Most Americans lack the courage to fight for their beliefs — but their endless rhetorical war will inspire acts of violence in the future.

All over the world, countries are falling apart. America is not special, not exceptional, and can go the same way. What happened in the Balkans in the 1990s or Syria after 2011 can happen here. Bad leaders create disasters — this is a basic law of history.

Biden is a bad leader. All he can do to unify Americans is talk about how America has to compete with Russia and China in a phony new Cold War.

Until he is gone, America can’t move forward. Locked in a death spiral, the Trump and Biden loyalists will drag America, maybe the entire world, into the abyss.

Joe Biden must resign. Kamala Harris must become President.

There is no longer any other viable alternative for America.