Maybe the best revenge will be when the majority of storytellers aren't white men anymore :)

When the self-serving mythos they've sold as history is buried, lost, forgotten - a figment of a misbegotten past when folks from one corner of the planet decided it was right and proper that they should rule the whole thing.

A 500-year quest that has ended - is ending, in our time. This is the last gasp - power has been slipping away for decades. The colonial era is done. A minority of pasty folk can't possibly hope to conquer and subdue the rest when the tools of violent resistance are more democratized than ever.

Just ask the freakin' Taliban.

Especially six months from now when and if they're facing their own anti-government insurgency.

People wanna be free, man.

So once the terror-structures used to hold people down these past few centuries are finally torn apart - the Pandemic has shown how rickety they already are - a huge space will open up for people who know of the struggles of our ancestors against oppression to redefine history.

In 20, 30 years, the bigots of our time will already be as scorned as the Nazis are today, except among that minority who will always valorize hate and pose some degree of menace to society.

The real reason they're rising up now is because they can sense their story is ending. Their apocalypse is upon them. There is no turning back the clock and telling women they can't go to work or murdering Black men in the street without some consequence.

Sadly, they may have to be proven this is the case in the oldest way - with blood. Fortunately, while they have small arms, the smart people have got explosives and drones because they believe in, y'know, science.

If my read of the cycles of history is correct, we are entering a period of terrible turmoil.

But after - assuming the racists don't burn everything down as they die, a very real threat - will come a time of renewal, and then the stories will be re-told.

The names of the conquerors will be forgotten, subsumed in a story of a great flood of faceless demons that swept across the world, causing great harm to people and planet before the better nature of the rest of humanity rose up and defeated them.

If that sounds like the plot of Lord of the Rings, that's just because fiction reflects reality on some level.

There will be new monsters to fight, of course. Bigotry will remain, the scars of the past never fully heal.

But to these disgusting white supremacist scum, appropriate vengeance will come.

Nothing terrifies a white person more than being forgotten.

Rogue systems analyst, bestselling author. Pro-science anti-authority rural cat fanatic, pronoun agnostic, married. West Coast = only coast :)

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