I've honestly come to the conclusion that the only hope of forcing reform on Red States like Texas is to split up the federal government, giving 6-9 Regions Constitutional Autonomy.

Which means Texas would no longer have any limits to the insanity it could pull - but it would also be utterly exposed to an international boycott-divest-sanction movement.

I no longer believe the Dems have a chance in hell of winning because they don't understand the nature of the beast they're fighting.

Next-best option is separation, then international sanctions.

Let Texas and the other Red States try to establish their American theocracy. Let all investment and capital flow out of the place.

Then when sane Texans rebel they can be supported. Reconstruction can be done right.

Rogue systems analyst, bestselling author. Pro-science anti-authority rural cat fanatic, pronoun agnostic, married. West Coast = only coast :)

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