It's a rotten position the Democratic leadership has muscled the Progressives into. They rely on Pelosi holding the line on her pledge, but I can't help but question Pelosi's sincerity.

My evaluation from minute one was that the Dem leadership cares about one thing: preventing a splinter progressive party from emerging before the midterms.

So they're playing the same delay game as McConnell. Making sure the Progressives don't bail and start organizing primary challenges across the board or worse, using their connections to grassroots donors to start a third party that could likely dominate Blue states along the Pacific and upper Northeast.

Seems to me the hammer will drop in the last two weeks of September, when the Senate is in session and the debt ceiling fight is maxing out.

I scent a grand centrist compromise - bipartisan bill passes the House as-is using GOP votes to offset Progressive defections. Pelosi would love to split the Progressive caucus and might be able to if Biden leans hard on getting the bipartisan bill done.

That lets Synema and Manchin gut the reconciliation stuff they don't like. Coal must not be harmed, so say bye-bye to meaningful climate action on the scale required. I dunno who owns Synema but they'll be happy.

Then a nice 1.5 Trillion reconciliation bill passes the Senate, and Progressives are told to get in line or face total obliteration come the midterms.

Ugh, didn't mean to write so much. Anyway, that's my evaluation of the centrist Dem's plan.

And I'm not sure how the Progressives can fight back effectively :/


Rogue systems analyst, bestselling author. Pro-science anti-authority rural cat fanatic, pronoun agnostic, married. West Coast = only coast :)

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