It is not anyone's personal freedom to walk into a public place wearing an explosive vest.

Or randomly fire off one of your fifteen guns into the aky.

It is also not anyone's personal freedom to blatantly ignore all health advice and basic 8th-grade common sense and fill up hospital ICUs so other people who made better choices don't have access to medical care.

It also isn't your personal freedom to ignore rules stores are told they must follow, forcing staff to either become enforcers or risk violating state health codes.

At what damned point did it become quintessentially American to assert rights nobody, not even the Founders, would have dreamed people would ever have?

When can we declare these idiots (excepting, obviously, people with legit reasons, a public health menace and ban them from public spaces like we would any other?

Or at the very least establish a rule that says the voluntarily unvaccinated Covid-positive have to go to the special FEMA tent hospital staffed only by nurses and doctors who are themselves unvaccinated?

You can't have a society without basic common rights like one person not being allowed to hurt another.

Author of Bringing Ragnarok and Bivrost Nine, Rogue Analyst, Cat Devotee. Autistic, True Neutral, Pro-Science, Anti-Authoritarian, Rural Pacific American.