Frustrating as hell that there are a lot of us, particularly veterans, who just want to make sure people who are afraid for their lives can get out.

But that desire to execute a simple humanitarian operation is getting caught up in debates about the stupid war itself. All thanks to the media and the idiot-in-chief, almost as bad as the last moron to occupy the oval office.

But soon it will be over, and the bullshit Cold War 2 narrative will be front and center. The idiot march to a pointless conflict with China the US will almost certainly lose because it has no idea how vulnerable it is.

Ah well, the "United" States of America aren't likely to remain so for much longer. Already 40% nationwide support regional secession. This includes 45% of the left-leaning types who make up a majority on the West Coast in addition to the predictable conservative and independent majority favoring secession in the south.

Once the country is gone, I don't think anyone abroad will have to worry about the media-war complex anymore.

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