Embrace the Death of the World White Supremacy Built

Emil Doepler’s Ragnarok — not all that different than the world today, right?
  1. There are many gods and ways of understanding the Divine
  2. These gods are powers we cannot control and must endure or placate
  3. Life requires constant action to meet vital needs
  4. Groups of people achieve far more together than as individuals apart
  5. The world is full of people, some friendly and others less so
  6. You must find reliable, friendly companions in order to survive
  7. Companions find, obtain, and share resources equitably with the group
  8. Groups are sustained by good rules that ensure repeated successes
  9. Good rules are clear and voluntarily followed most of the time
  10. All rules shift with the times or they fail and are forgotten
  11. Individuals have basic rights and a responsibility to respect others’
  12. Every person has something to offer, all deserve equal protection
  13. Those who refuse to abide by basic rules must leave the community
  14. Groups who refuse to respect the rights of your own must be resisted
  15. Friendly groups should be regularly engaged in trade and joint action
  16. Communities must be as sustainable as possible in all dimensions they can
  17. Self-reliance is the best protection against disaster or the whims of gods
  18. Conflicts over gods or matters of the divine are futile and best avoided
  • Home — safe and secure shelter to call one’s own
  • Health — clean water, nutritious food, fresh air, and medical care
  • Livelihood — skills, training, and tools to perform a suitable trade
  • Association — freedom to travel and choose one’s companions
  • Expression — liberty to express one’s self in actions and belief



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Andrew Tanner

Andrew Tanner

Rogue systems analyst, bestselling author. Pro-science anti-authority post-partisan rural cat fanatic, pronoun agnostic, married. West Coast = only coast :)