Effing hear hear!

I grew up in a deeply Christian area (in Northern California of all places). I've had to de-program years of being fed propaganda even from my public school.

Evangelical Christian philosophy - a minority position among all Christians - isn't even a religion, it's a kind of cult self-worship. Everything Evangelicals profess to hate about secular society is exactly what they want - only with them in power.

This, of course, is what explains their fascistic level of support for a crass multi-divorcee. It's Christianity drilled down to self-worship, the valorization of the personal ego, an incitement to make every individual their own God.

Which is, of course, simple nihilism. Attached to the modern American consumerist ethos it's become a secular force desperate to mimic National Socialism.

I literally spent years of my live developing a comprehensive alternative worldview just to have a framework for approaching live that isn't polluted by this madness.

The gods of my ancestors are good enough for me. Thor stands for freedom, Odin wisdom, Frygga justice, Freyja prosperity, Idunn healing, Freyr partying like it's Ragnarok tomorrow.

I'll take them over the abuse inherent in Evangelical Christianity.

And yes, effing break up Facebook and fine Zuckerberg a hundred billion dollars.

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