There can be no more doubt: Joe Biden is a liar and a coward.

Also, an incredibly dishonest politician determined to screw over progressives

For 40 years he has personally exemplified the reasons the United States of America has stagnated and now stands on the brink of total collapse.

He promises an American renewal, but in point of fact he represents nothing other than a dedicated effort by a group of Ivy League educated technocrats whose education has trained them to scorn anyone with less money than them to secure their power no matter what happens to the rest of the country.

Biden has pretended to care about progressive issues for his first 100 days, his administration just like his Presidential campaign spared from the scrutiny it deserves because the media bought into his false promise of being able to bridge partisan divides.

Joe Biden’s failure to condemn Israel’s unrestrained slaughter of Palestinean children is a moral outrage that ought to turn any reasonable person against him.

Hamas can’t be allowed to fire rockets into civilian areas — but as someone with a military background I can say with absolute confidence Israel is responding with disproportionate force in a deliberate attempt to terrorize the population of Gaza. Heavy artillery and airstrikes against apartment blocks aren’t necessary to counter rocket launches when you have a fleet of armed drones able to launch smaller precision attacks.

Hamas rocket strikes = terrorism.

Israel airstrikes = terrorism.

The equation isn’t difficult.

But Biden just gives Israel cover to do whatever it wants — ultimately guaranteeing the violence will continue.

But since US companies build Israel’s bombs — subsidized by taxpayer funds — he doesn’t care, so long as he can pretend he created jobs.

Joe Biden’s failure to actually beat Covid-19 before pushing for a national re-opening has condemned hundreds of thousands of Americans who haven’t had the vaccine to die horribly, this utterly preventable loss rendered invisible by a media that serves Wall Street.

He and the rest of the Democrats have been bullied into submission by the Republicans who have decided mask mandates are tantamount to fascism, and not a simple piece of clothing like any other you are required to wear in public. The Democrats have, just like Republicans, ignored science when it suits them and elevated the epidemiologists who offer the least politically charged recommendations at the expense of others.

And so Covid-19 is going to keep killing Americans for years to come, because Biden — like Trump, surrendered America to this plague.

Trump was and is awful, but Biden’s incompetence and penchant for lying straight to people’s face is set to put Trump back in the White House in 2024.

Joe Biden is a critical part of the reason why millions of Americans are saddled with a lifetime of student loan debt, but though he could broadly forgive student loans and push back against predatory lending the former Senator from Mastercard won’t consider waiving more than a pittance.

Student loans are a tax on the non-rich and a key reason American economic competitiveness is declining. It should all be forgiven and anyone who has already paid off their loans ought to receive a partial refund.

But will it happen? Nah. Biden doesn’t care about you or me — only the rich donors whose hands are perpetually up his ass.

Amid a tide of rising anti-Asian hate crimes, Joe Biden just like Trump is pushing anti-China rhetoric deeply rooted in racist views of China and Asia held by too many white Americans. Want to #stopasianhate? STOP ACTING LIKE CHINA IS EVIL.

China is a state with a ruling regime — just like the USA, even if we go through the fakery of pretending a two party system can possibly a true and stable democracy.

On top of it all, in historic terms Joe Biden is a stealth Republican committed to pulling the Democratic Party as close to the psychotic racism the Republicans have wholeheartedly embraced. His primary role is to lock in the gains powerful companies have made during the Trump years, using the compliant media to whitewash his actions and shame the rest of us into supporting him.

Biden is an American tragedy, the culmination of the nation’s decline. He is a killer of Palestinean children who is turning his back on his basic responsibility to not just suppress Covid so only poor people die from it, but to eradicate it.

He won’t — not because he lacks the power, but because he is a coward committed — just like Trump — to his “legacy.”

Joe Biden is too much a coward to take on a real challenge that would be politically divisive.

His legacy is to be America’s Gorbachev at worst, a repeat of Jimmy Carter at best.

And a lot more people will die who didn’t have to because of him.

Author of Bringing Ragnarok and Bivrost Nine, Rogue Analyst, Cat Devotee. Autistic, True Neutral, Pro-Science, Anti-Authoritarian, Rural Pacific American.