Donbass War Status as of 2015 from Wikipedia by Niele

At some point in the next month, the simmering Donbass War between Russia and Ukraine may boil over into a new round of major conflict.

Major military units are on the move across Russia, massing close to Ukraine’s borders. Belarus, the post-Soviet nation north of Ukraine, was placed under effective Russian control after the failed democratic uprising against that country’s dictator last year and has also dispatched military forces to Ukraine’s borders. NATO is on high alert, with multiple world leaders having contacted Russian President Vladimir Putin to demand the units pull back.

On the Russian side, nationalist media there…

From Hackernoon

“Cliodynamics” is a term invented by Peter Turchin to describe what he argues are “laws of history.”

It is one of those incredibly neat ideas that is heading in the right direction, but unfortunately falls well short of deserving to be called “science.”

History should be a science.

There are defined structural patterns visible in the historical record that do have extremely predictive value. The future can be known — or at least, reasonably well described.

But Cliodynamics fails to get the job done.

The primary reason for this is the fundamental weakness of what we call the “historical record.”

The American public has no idea just how dangerous the international scene is right now.

The world closely watched the 2020 Presidential Election because the divides in the United States are now closely connected to rapid changes presently underway in global geopolitics.

Covid-19 proved to the entire world that the United States is a decrepit, decaying power. To an observer not completely brainwashed by a lifetime of rah-rah nationalist media nonsense, the position of the “sole superpower” is shakier than at any point in the past 80 years.

Which is why it is so absurd to see the Biden Administration…

Covid-19 has disproportionately killed Black, Latino, and Native Americans.

And that is precisely why Joe Biden’s administration has not taken meaningful action to prevent tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths in these communities.

Oh sure, this administration is the most diverse in history — at least in terms of the ethnic and racial boxes checked.

But if that is to be the key measure of commitment to anti-racism, then the entire movement is doomed.

Unfortunately, this is the normal pattern among white liberals — long on talk, short on meaningful action.

It isn’t as if it hasn’t been obvious to…

The Thucydides Trap is a truckload of horseshit — and that’s putting it mildly.

But that won’t stop a legion of Rome-worshiping Beltway lunatics from repeating the mistakes of the Twentieth Century in Asia — risking millions of lives in the process.

First off — what the hell is Thucydides Trap?

It’s a theory that argues whenever a rising Great Power meets a fading one, major conflict is likely.

What’s a Great Power?

Funny thing about that — nobody really knows. That’s part of the trick being pulled on us all — a deception that risks plunging the United States…

Joe Biden’s newly-revealed infrastructure plan is too little, too late, and doomed to become a giant piggybank for well-connected donors to push bridge to nowhere projects.

There is absolutely no doubt that American infrastructure is decrepit, hamstrung by 50 years of neglect and deterioration.

But there is absolutely no way a repair program put together by lobbyist-enslaved political hacks in D.C. will bring the benefits promised.

First off — there is absolutely nothing transformational or bold about reading off a wish list for spending goals that Congress will pervert within days of the legislative text being negotiated.

It’s all talk…

Post-Second American Civil War

Even before a mob attacked the Capitol in an attempt to prevent the peaceful transfer of Presidential power, the majority of Americans agreed that the country has entered a Cold Civil War.

The odds of this conflict turning hot within the next decade are high and fast increasing.

Countries live, countries die — history is littered with the corpses of failed states and nations. The United States of America is not exceptional, never has been, and never will be, except in one respect: too many Americans believe it is.

That belief, coupled to ever-deepening tribal affiliations with Red or Blue…

As it stands, the Progressive movement is little more than a subservient wing of the Democratic Party.

A tool of wealthy and well-connected power players used to prevent any meaningful progress.

Progressives like Bernie Sanders and his natural successor, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, serve a specific role in the Democratic Party’s coalition. They offer voters who identify with mass movements like Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street a figment of hope that their voices will be heard by those in positions of influence and power.

What they don’t do is achieve anything truly lasting. Despite all the possibilities unlocked by the…

[Edit 4/6/2021]

Exponential Increase Resumes

As of early April, the spread of mutant Covid-19 variants in Oregon has clearly begun to beat out what spread mitigation measures remain.

The Biden surge has begun, aided and abetted by Oregon’s negligent leadership in Governor Kate Brown and Patrick Allen’s Oregon Health Authority.

And too, a national media that is “doing its part” in the great reboot by soft-playing the utter shambles that is American government at all levels.

Across Europe and Canada restrictions are being reimposed as hospitals are once again overrun. The variants now in play spread twice as effectively and kill 50% more…

To understand American society and culture, you have realize that the secret to the country is revealed in the anagram buried in its name.

Unscrambled, the word “American” decomposes neatly to “I can ream.”

A year into the Covid-19 pandemic, with over half a million Americans dead, you’ll get more truth from an anagram than out of any thousand of the sociopaths calling themselves “leaders” in this broken nation.

The American people have no idea how badly they have been lied to by these leaders since the pandemic began.

First off — let’s establish what about the past year hasn’t

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