The Biden Covid surge is swiftly gaining strength.

IHME Covid-19 Projections July 30

Joe Biden will go down in history as a George W. Bush level fool who declared Mission Accomplished far too soon.

So it seems I touched a nerve with my last essay on this topic.

Tens of thousands of people came to read it — which is pretty cool… if a little depressing given what that means about the real state of American democracy.

Y’know, the place most of us live, not the theoretical version pundits and politicians and tooo many scholars like to mythologize.

Now, in my last essay I made a pretty big claim: that for the good of the world the United States federal government should be split up.

This follow-up essay lays out a simple scientific case…

Arlington graves of Americans who gave their lives serving their country. Individualists with absolutely no social conscience, all of them, if you believe American social scientists.

Let me put it bluntly: most Americans are conformists and followers.

Just like most other human beings on the planet.

This isn’t a bad thing — it’s just a part of being human. Down our neurology, not any sort of moral failing.

The pandemic has proven a hard truth beyond a shadow of a doubt: Americans are not special.

Politicians and pundits pretend they are because everyone likes to be told they’re unique.

But they’re not. No nationality is better than any other. We’re all human beings. Same basic needs, slightly different ways of organizing our lives.

How most people…

Bright Line Watch polling results by region. Question: “Would you support or oppose [your state] seceding from the United States to join a new union with [list of states in new union]?”

Since 2016, I have watched America’s slow march over a cliff with a mix of fascination and horror.

But the results of recent polls by Bright Line Watch have provided the first hard and frighteningly conclusive evidence that Americans are moving fast down the road I predicted—towards a national divorce.

I have unfortunately been right about almost every major development in America since Trump won the Republican Party nomination in 2016.

Like many observers, I didn’t take Trump’s campaign seriously at first. His first attempt at a campaign in 2012 collapsed before the first primary. The second defied every rule…

A star that should have fallen 25 years ago…

In the wake of its forced retreat from Afghanistan and inability to meaningfully impact Russia’s behavior, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is desperately seeking a new mission.

NATO boosters are making a push in the wake of this humiliating failure to secure Afghanistan to make the dubious claim that the alliance is the most successful in history.

The hard truth is — and I say this as a veteran and child of veteran who has long closely studied military and international affairs — that NATO is an unmitigated disaster.

It should have been disbanded over 20 years ago —…

Cover for Bringing Ragnarok: Book Six, concluding the Saga of Six Unlikely Heroes. Cover by missnatmack.

Turns out, the ancients had a pretty decent idea of how the universe works.

The smug priests of secular Western culture like to pretend that modern science has the answers to everything. War, recession — pick a complex topic, there is an “Expert” somewhere with all the answers.

But above all else the old gods hate hubris — and the death of the world we thought we knew that everyone on Earth is living through together in the 2020s is pure karmic revenge.

A basic principle of science is that to explain a given thing, you have to have another…

From teh Interwebs :)

All news is biased.

It has to be, because every person is a little different.

Everyone has their own perspective on life, derived from their personal lived experiences and interactions with others.

A shared reality is made by communication. And most people communicate for this reason — we need a shared reality to understand the world well enough to survive in it.

What we call the news is this process of information-sharing and discussion writ large, across populations ranging in size from dozens to billions.

And because the process is so utterly intrinsic to our lives, control over it is…

In a better alternative reality, Kamala Harris would be President of the United States right now.

In our crapsaccharine world, she’s being used as Joe Biden’s political human shield, as if he’s play-acting General Plymkin from South Park.

From South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut (1999). “Operation Human Shield” involves using soldiers who just happen to be black as armor for tanks driven by white guys. Don’t worry, Chef handles it :)

I will admit up front — I’m a bit of a Harris stan. Not quite #KHive, but fairly adjacent.

And my feelings have little to do with her politics or policy. They stem directly from a strange sense of kinship derived from two facts:

  1. Her parents are, like me, Berkeley grads.
  2. She graduated from the same law school as my wife —…

The American Collapse

In retrospect, it is now clear that 2020 was the year that finally broke the United States of America.

Amid a global pandemic that claimed the lives of five hundred thousand Americans in a single year, a presidential election was held — and for the first time in United States history there was no peaceful transfer of power.

Six months after the rightful President, Joe Biden, was inaugurated despite an insurrection inspired by the defeated incumbent, Donald Trump, an overwhelming majority of those who voted for Trump continued to believe the disproved allegations of rampant fraud he…

The Atlantic is probably one most dangerous publications in the United States at this dangerous moment in history.

This piece, by George Packer, is a perfect example of the rank nonsense publications like The Atlantic pumps into the American media landscape.

To understand American media, you have to remember that virtually all American media aside is funded through subscriptions and/or advertising.

The business model of any American news organization depends on churning out eyeball attracting content. There are few exceptions — writers generally feed audiences stories that will feed their desire to read things they agree with.

The Atlantic is…

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