Cascadia Needs a Real Government

The Covid-19 pandemic has proven an awful truth: governments across the United States and Canada have utterly failed at their single most important job — protecting their people.

In less than a year, more than 400,000 Americans and 18,000 Canadians have lost their lives to a virus that numerous less developed countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Nicaragua, and Estonia have proven dramatically more competent at controlling. This already horrible death toll is set to steadily increase until the summer of 2021, when the wide availability of vaccines is expected to finally end this cruel pandemic.

Across British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon more than 6,500 people have already died, and it is all but certain this horrifying death toll will exceed 10,000 — this out of a population of around 17 million. If our governments had only been as effective as those of Denmark, Norway, and Finland — together boasting a population of similar size, distribution, and wealth and around the middle of the global pack in terms of death rates—the toll would be less than half as bad now, and roughly third as high by summer. …

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An expy of the Great World Tree Yggdrasil

White Supremacy — the misbegotten belief that there exists a clearly-defined “white” race bestowed with special qualities and a “right” to rule people of other races — is the great tragedy of European history.

Every place this horrible ideology has touched it has utterly corrupted, and thanks to centuries of European colonization few parts of planet Earth remain unaffected. As insidious as a virus, it is ever eating away at the foundations of all European-descended societies — but it has had and is having especially brutal impacts in the United States.

Worse, White Supremacy is not simply a product of conservative values, despite appearances. Liberal voices who hold themselves to be allies of the victims of White Supremacy routinely also advance its wicked tenets because the pernicious ideology has embedded itself into the very heart of what is often called “Western Civilization.” …

Updated January 15, 2021

Can’t say I didn’t warn you…though I also can’t claim to have anticipated a bunch of thugs assaulting the Capitol in a frightening — yet thankfully inept — attempt to disrupt the certification of Biden’s win in Congress.

Unfortunately, the aftermath of this discount insurrection and the knee-jerk response that followed has all but locked in America’s grim future. Trump will finally be gone on January 20th, but even if convicted and barred from holding office again what his tenure has unleashed will not dissipate any time soon. …

The United States of America is breaking apart.

Covid-19 has dramatically accelerated a process underway since at least the 1990s and gaining speed since 2012.

For decades now, the United States has been stagnating, proving incapable of enacting meaningful reforms needed to survive the difficult first half of the 21st Century.

The causes of the USA’s terminal decline run deep, with unresolved contradictions piling up over centuries. …


Andrew Tanner

Author of Bringing Ragnarok. Independent Research Consultant.

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