China is simply not the existential threat Americans, Australians, and Britons are being told it is by our failed leaders.

A powerful, populous, and prosperous country?

Oh yes.

One that could become a terror to its neighbors if it chose to?


But that’s not the path China will likely walk — unless a foreign alliance tries to “contain” it.

You know, exactly what racist Transatlantic foreign policy experts are working on right this very instant.

Making sure that China never thinks it can get away with using force to solve border disputes or attack Taiwan is vital to the…

Apparently Andrew Yang has left the Democrats to start a third party—though never part of the Yang Gang myself, I say cool!

Because a vital fact Republicans and Democrats are both desperate to keep from the public’s eye is that a viable third party is America’s last best hope for surviving this decade reasonably intact.

If there is to be a Fifth America after the collapse of Fourth America is over, a third party capable of forcing a national political realignment is absolutely vital.

Straight up: the odds of success are poor.

But Andrew Yang’s run for the Democratic nomination…

Liberalism has colonized and debased science, reducing it to an expert-dominated faith system dedicated to control over truth.

This, more than anything else, is why so many people these days seem to be rejecting science entirely — and part of the reason scientists must break free from the dying paradigm of classical European Liberalism.

People generally (with some exceptions) aren’t as dumb as most experts and their wealthy patrons like to believe. Most human behaviors have some kind of logical, reasonable explanation —but other people can’t always see it, or they misinterpret the signs.

Communication is hard. Probably the hardest…

I’m appalled at how casually so many progressive writers and politicians are downplaying or outright ignoring the dangers posed by inflation.

This trend is upsetting because inflation is absolutely devastating for the vulnerable — the people progressives are supposed to be determined to protect.

None of the now-faddish pseudo-economics arguments out there claiming America has some kind of magical inflation armor can alter the basic facts of the thing.

Make no mistake — when the money supply increases in an economy, prices and wages eventually increase too.

At least somebody’s will.

Few American political or economic analysts like to admit…

You want further evidence the United States is breaking up come hell or high water? Look at what Texas is doing on abortion.

Look, my personal views on abortion won’t make anyone happy. I hold that all these things are simultaneously true:

  • Every abortion is a tragedy
  • Abortion decisions are between a woman and her doctor
  • Options other than abortion should be promoted and supported
  • Men should have a say in what happens to a fetus they helped make
  • No one should be prevented from getting an abortion who needs one
  • Whether someone gets an abortion isn’t your damned business

Far from a beacon of hope lighting the path to a better future, Western Liberalism is a dead faith destined to get a whole lot of people killed.

A lot more people, I should say. Because the disastrous global failure to control the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, the virus that causes Covid-19 killing millions of people in less than two years, is a direct consequence of the cruel heart of Liberalism.

So was the mad War on Terror. So was the Cold War. And so is the new Cold War many proponents of Liberalism seem to so deeply hope for.

Advocates of…

Of all the options Oregon has to replace Kate Brown in 2022, why go with a carpetbagging white guy from the Old Oregonian club?

Screengrab from Willamette Week showing Nicholas Kristof on the right trying to burnish his rural image. Please, Oregon, do not let this man become your next governor.

The biggest problem with Oregon is the fact the state has become a one-party fiefdom ruled by corporatist Democrats who stay in power by playing urban progressives off rural conservatives.

Nicholas Kristof — who looks to be hoping to move from his perch at the New York Times to the Governor’s office — is exactly what Oregon does not need right now.

Another old hand with the right connections who can be trusted to keep state…

So much for the empathy President — Biden sacrificed members of the American military yet still abandoned Americans and allies in Afghanistan.

Biden receives the Fallen

As bad in my mind, he appears to have managed to insult several families of the slain.

President Joe Biden so desperately needs Americans to believe a wicked lie: that there was no other way the Afghanistan debacle could have played out.

That he isn’t really responsible — as much as he insists ‘the buck stops with him’ — for the nightmare so many people were put through.

He’s telling this lie to protect all his other lies…

Turns out, the Norse understood at least one thing better than anyone else: how worlds die.

Ragnarök by Emile Doepler as Surtur burns all Nine Worlds in his death throes

Like all our ancestors, they were right about a lot of things — there’s deep wisdom in all the old lore, powerful truths we scorn at our own peril.

And the truth about our world’s end?

Well, ain’t nobody got nuthin’ on the Ragnarok version of the thing, folks. Not even Marvel.

I should know, because I spent three years researching and writing a rather long, ridiculously epic six-book saga all about a group of unlikely heroes transported to and caught up in it.

In my doctor’s eyes today during our video visit I saw the same exhausted, mortally haunted look I used to only associate with veterans of Iraq.

And I live in western Oregon, a hard-Blue state run by Democrats.

You know, the ones who are supposedly handling Covid-19 like sane people.

Yet here, just like Florida, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, and Arkansas, our ICUs are well under 10% availability — a fact CNN chose to ignore in the linked-to piece, I suppose, because that punctures the false narrative of Red State malfeasance and Blue state competence they’ve been peddling since Biden took…

Andrew Tanner

Author of Bringing Ragnarok and Bivrost Nine, Rogue Analyst, Cat Devotee. Autistic, True Neutral, Pro-Science, Anti-Authoritarian, Rural Pacific American.

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